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FYNCH-HATTON brand belongs to Brandts family with 600 years textile history. Its products cover men's and women's clothing and leather products. Headquartered in Mönchengladbach, North Wisconsin, Germany.

FYNCH-HATTON has more than 2200 stores in 55 countries, including Germany, France, Austria, the United States, Belgium, Finland, China and Italy. It also set Fynch-Hatton (China) Limited. In terms of business affairs in China, we have established good cooperation with Beijing SKP, Wangfujing Department Store, Capital Group, Dashang Group and other organizations. FH is also the main light luxury brand in left life Collection Store.

Products and services

Fynch-Hatton is the freedom to live your own style. With clothing and accessories that have their own character. A diverse collection featuring attractive colours that are appropriate for any occasion. Made for every man, but not for everyone. 

What makes us international is high quality, superior workmanship and exciting details. And our philosophy, of course: to create unique collections that allow you to dress perfectly all the time.

Our brand is dedicated to Denys Finch Hatton, a man who skilfully combined life in Africa as a leader, farmer and pilot with an English taste for the finer things. A Brit who was at home all over the world, he influenced his time like few others.


Bright spot: Half-sleeved knitted polos in fine 14gg cotton,Supima cotton in brilliant colours (12gg),Cotton / cashmere blend,Linen / cotton mix,Fancy yarns in fashionable styles,Superfine 'smart casual' with mouline look,Powder wash (garment dyed in 7gg)
The Basics or Basic Plus:
The finest long staple cotton, as well as the judicious coordination of our classic varicoloured melange yarns like Superfine and Supersoft go hand in hand with the fine Superior quality in 14gg.


The brilliance of the fabrics underlines the quality of the materials used. Fine cotton yarns provide a smooth, soft feel. Smart, reduced button-down collars dominate the sporty look. Details on the button facing, matching tapes in the collar and smart prints on the cuff show the attention to detail in these shirts.
There is also: 60's yarns as compact cotton,Summer twill with super-soft feel,New checks,Cotton / linen blend with a super light feel.


The Supima Polo ½ arm continues with 25 summer colours. We also have a new variant: Alongside the Supima runner's polo, we have designed a coarser, more sporty piqué weave.
bioRe sustainably cultivates organic cotton in Tanzania. Both the cotton and the finished piece can be tracked right back to the individual farmer, and every piece can be scanned.
Linen's success story also plays a major role in piqué – for the first time, Fynch-Hatton is presenting a linen-blend polo in great colours.

Fynch-Hatton (China) Limited
Alsstr. 166
41063 Mönchengladbach

Phone: +49 157 39774610
Internet: www.fynch-hatton.com
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Fynch-Hatton (China) Limited
Rm.517, New City Centre, 2 Lei Yue Mun Road, Kwun Tong, Kowloon
Hong Kong

Phone: +86 10 61334567
Internet: www.fynch-hatton.com
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News & Innovations

Fynch Hatton’s next adventure
German label Fynch Hatton continues to strengthen its market position with its most comprehensive collection to date for S/S 19. With over 1000 stockists outside its home territory, the brand is now sold in 55 markets worldwide – impressive growth which doesn’t look to be slowing any time soon.
Founded in 1998, Roger Brandts established Fynch-Hatton with the vision to produce fine quality menswear for the mainstream menswear market, drawing inspiration from the colours of the African landscape. Taking its name from aristocrat and adventurer Denys Finch-Hatton, the brand began life as a knitwear specialist, since expanding into a complete lifestyle label, offering outerwear through to footwear options.
Building a strong, high quality retailer base within the China market has been central to Fynch Hatton’s global growth strategy, with strides made to help stockists repeat in-season through the new digital B2B platform.
This growth strategy also includes the recent announcement of a sponsorship package for German football team, Monchengladbach, with signage throughout the football stadium set to be seen by millions on TV worldwide. In addition to this, the brand has become affiliated to the World Hunger Aid charity as a Partner for Africa – helping to support projects and people to build their own micro businesses and to help supply vital clean drinking water.
Colour themes Spring / Summer 2019:
Savannah Adventure:The olive and green shades of the African savannah are combined with a striking blue.
Camps Bay:
Royal blue with a striking orange is the main accent in our nautical theme.
Cape town Summer:
New colours such as berry, pink and rose are mixed with a classic night blue.
Coral Garden:
Flamingo & coral are the accents, softened with various grey and silver shades.
“That certainly has a lot to do with the fact that my family has been dealing with textiles for many generations. I come from a clothier family and in this sense my way was predetermined. A milestone: My ancestor Franz Brandts brought the first mechanical looms from England to continental Europe in 1870. This was a decisive step towards the industrialization of the textile industry. In 1945 my grandfather founded the Wilhelm Brandts Tuchfabrik GmbH. As a child I always found Grandpa's looms awesome and the development and production of fabrics has always fascinated me. Even though I was not in line with the tradition of weavers and entered the clothing industry with Fynch-Hatton, the topic of high-quality fibres, the best yarns and the fabrics made from them is still my passion. When I did a 6-month internship in South Africa to prepare for my studies in textile technology and when at the time the film ?Beyond Africa? was shown in cinemas, I was captivated. Not only by this wonderful continent, but also by the person of Denys Finch Hatton. A great man who took his liberties and loved the nature and wildness of Africa. Both played an important role in the founding of Fynch-Hatton.”
“That’s right. Africa is a great and diverse continent in all areas. On the one hand there is the everlasting sun, the infinite sky, the untouched, wild nature and the special interplay of light and colours. With people who, despite many problems, never lose their laughter ? happy people ? and where fashion simply means ?back to basics?. On the other hand, there was the freedom-loving bon vivant Finch Hatton, whose life I would certainly have loved to live. He was an adventurer, always looking for the unusual, open to everything. He did what he believed in and is therefore a real inspiration for the brand. Everything together is reflected in our products. From the acacia tree typical for the African landscape as logo through specific colour combinations up to high and resistant quality and specific style.”
“Yes and no. Of course, there are always risks. But I come from an entrepreneurial family and I was sure that Fynch-Hatton could fill a niche. A good, honest product finds its market. I was convinced of that. In the middle of the market, the perfect price performance ratio was missing. So I risked! True to my rather short but clear motto: Do it! We place the emphasis on top quality and use the best possible manufacturing techniques. But we invest more in the product than in the cost-intensive construction of a lifestyle world. We also rely on long-standing supplier relationships, selected production plants, a very concise cost structure and fairly calculated prices. This gives us absolute flexibility and we are able to offer products that are significantly cheaper than the premium brands, but that can be compared qualitatively with the top brands. Fynch-Hatton is a brand anyone can afford without sacrificing the quality and style of a premium brand.”
„Like all companies, we have to be agile. As a result, for example, in addition to sweaters we have also included in our offer very successful shirts and polo shirts as well as down jackets and vests. We also offer trousers, jackets, sport jackets and accessories and recently also shoes, everything a man needs to be well-dressed. In our industry jargon we call this a total look. Here, of course, as with all our products, we place the greatest value for fantastic price performance ratio. Furthermore, in the case of pants we have taken care for the perfect fit with the goal of creating a slim and modern silhouette. The outdoor jackets and the high-quality finish sport jackets follow a sporty, relaxed idea. Clear looks, tidy and not over-decorated. Top use of goods in a modern, understandable fashion statement. Just as the men love it. Thanks to shop-in-shops we are represented by leading retailers and active in the retail business with our online shop and our stationary stores. There we present the entire product range of our high-quality brand world, in which besides the goods there is much more to discover. In addition to the new retail concept, we also aim to open up additional markets on an international level. So far, we are represented in more than 50 countries. And more will follow. In order to be ready for further development, we want to strengthen the digitization of our company and, in the longer term, the brand image. With a view to digitization, we are investing in our B2B and B2C online shops as well as in the automation of our processes. In order to grow as a brand, we have done an image shooting in South Africa. Of course, the locations are modelled on the places where our name giver Denys Finch Hatton was staying at the time. Thinking in larger dimensions this is the adventure in which we have engaged. We always keep the greatest inspiration in mind and keep asking ourselves: What would Denys Finch Hatton do? ”

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